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The No-Stress Way To Book International Tours

One of the most lucrative travel requests made to our travel agent affiliates is the multi-stop vacation or business trip. We’ve discussed how to give your client the vacation they want and make the profit you want in a previous blog. In this blog, we’ll look at two ways to book multi-stop trips. One is full of stress and could leave your client feeling frustrated. The other is hassle free and guaranteed to have your client coming back time and again.

The hard way to map out a trip with multiple stops

Let’s say you have a client who is planning a business trip. He knows the itinerary, and wants to book the cheapest flights possible. He’s already tried to book with a single airline, but isn’t happy with the prices he’s been quoted. This is because the airlines have changed their rules on how they offer multi-stop trips.

You may have found this problem, too.

Many traditional travel agents still use the same method when booking multi-stop trips. They simply contact a single airline (often online) and plan the trip as a multi-stop. The airlines, however, now include only refundable tickets on these bookings. Hence, the cost is far higher.

To get the best prices, you’ll need to untangle each flight from the trip and search for each leg of the trip separately. By doing this, you can get the lowest flight price options with the same airline. You could save 50% or more from the cost of booking as a single multi-stop trip.

But are you doing the best for your client? The answer may be ‘no’. In order to ensure that you source the very best flight prices, you’ll need to search all available airlines from the airports the client is visiting, and airports nearby. If your client plans to do a round-trip with six stops, you might have to search four or five airlines for each stop. That’s 20 to 30 searches you need to make. Each time, you may need to reserve the best price before moving to the next leg of the journey. What was once a simple operation has become difficult and time-consuming, with no guarantees.

Use the Up and Away affiliate advantage to wow your multi-stop clients

We offer our affiliates a huge advantage in the market place. We make things easier.

For a start, we’ve got alliances with most of the major airlines. As an air consolidator, we have access to thousands of flight tickets at a fraction of the price that other travel agents and members of the public can get. We pass this access on to our affiliates.

Our booking systems are also second to none. And we’re available on the phone or online for any queries.

As an Up and Away affiliate, you get:

  • The cheapest flight deals
  • Exceptional online access
  • Incredible customer support

Plus, you become part of our family. Your client is important to us, because you’re important to us. We’re continually adding resource to our site and our capabilities, to help you and your clients. 

For example, when you’ve mapped out and booked your client’s multi-stop trip, why not give or email the complete packing guide for international business travel as a free checklist for your client? It’s this attention to detail – together with the best flight prices in the industry – that will mark you out as a cut above your competitors.

Then, having completed the flight bookings, you can move on to upselling hotel and car hire packages. Your client’s satisfaction rockets, their costs are kept low, and your profit is maximized.

Contact us today and we’ll introduce you to how an affiliate travel agency arrangement works. You’ll wonder why it’s taken you so long to discover the opportunity.

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