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Save Money on Escorted Tours to Europe

Escorted tours to Europe are a great way of exploring the continent. Especially if you’re traveling to Europe for the first time, organized tours can save time, aggravation, and make sure you visit the very best places in the limited time available. Traveling with a group of people led by a knowledgeable guide can be fun. And, contrary to popular belief, an escorted tour doesn’t have to be expensive.

In this article, we’ll discuss the main benefits of escorted tours to Europe and show you how you can save money when booking.

All the planning is done for you

When you plan your own tour, especially to an unknown country, you’ll quickly eat into your free time. You’ll need to research where to go, what trips to take, what attractions to visit, and where to eat. And even then, you won’t be sure that you’re doing the right thing or getting value for money.

More than 20 million Americans visit Europe every year. The strength of the dollar has made European tours cheaper than ever before. But just think how many millions of hours are lost by all those planning their own tours. And do those vacationers really receive value for money, and visit the best places in the countries they visit?

An escorted tour is planned for you. All you need to do is relax and enjoy your vacation. You can be certain that you’ll see the best that Europe has to offer.

Fun-filled days, transport included

When you’re on your tour, simply wake up and consult the day’s timetable. Be prepared for a range of interesting activities and sight-seeing trips. On top of this, tour operators will have established some great relationships with local companies. On free days, you may be able to leverage these relationships and get cut-price deals on extra trips and activities that appeal to you, such as museums, tour guides and travel.

No stress meal planning

Many escorted tours to Europe include at least some meals. This removes the stress of finding a good place to eat, and saves money.

An expert with you all the way

Your tour manager is often a local, and always with experience. They are trained to deal with all manner of situations, and will prove to be a travel expert with answers to your questions. They’ll probably give you an insight that is reserved for the locals.

It’s the tour guide’s job to know everything about the tour. He or she will be your go-to resource throughout, and become the friend that’s always on hand to make you feel safe. They’ll know the language, and be on hand to answer questions about history, food and culture.

If you have any concerns, or simply want to check on the itinerary, the tour guide is your one-stop shop.

Escorted tours are sociable events

On an escorted tour, you share the same passions and travel goals as many of your fellow tourists. Conversation flows naturally. Friendships are made easily. Many acquaintances formed on tours to Europe develop into lifelong friendships.

How to save money when booking escorted tours to Europe

There is no need to spend a fortune when booking an escorted tour to Europe. If you’re able to be a little flexible, you can save hundreds, if not thousands, on your trip to Europe. Here are our top tips to save money on your dream escorted European tour:

  • Travel during low season, which in Europe is between October and March (excluding the busy Christmas period).
  • Consider traveling from a less popular departure point, and to a less popular arrival destination.
  • Travel with a companion. Most tours and package vacations are priced on double occupancy. If you travel alone, you’ll probably be charged single occupancy supplements.
  • Sign up for email alerts to keep informed of the best deals as they come online.
  • Be prepared to purchase immediately when a great deal is made available – it may be your best and only chance for the tour you want at a great discount.
  • If you have the flexibility at work to go on vacation at short notice, a last-minute deal could save you substantial amounts of money.
  • Be flexible about your European tour. Europe is a continent with diverse cultures, foods, languages and customs. If you’re prepared to be flexible with the places you visit, you’re more likely to get a great deal. Remember that the most popular countries and cities – France and Paris, UK and London – are usually the most expensive.
  • Finally, you may be able to save money by using frequent flyer miles or American Express points.

If you want to discover the best European package and escorted tours, and benefit from incredible money saving deals, contact us today. We’re on hand to offer advice and guidance, including about the passport and visa requirements for each world country. 

With Up and Away Travel, you’ll get exceptional value every time. And planning your international tour couldn’t be easier. In fact, what is it that’s holding you back from booking an amazing European escorted tour?

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