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How flight ticket booking agents can transform your travel affiliate business

Do you know how your travel affiliate business could be transformed by using flight ticket booking agents? No? I didn’t think so. Most of the affiliate programs are completely automated, end-to-end processes. There are some big advantages provided by this automation, but you might not be offering the best service to your clients. A better service – and possibly cheaper flight tickets – could be the USP your affiliate business needs to take off.

Here are a few benefits that people booking through your affiliate program could offer that other affiliate programs don’t.

Better flight customization

Flight ticket booking agents use reservation systems that show how many tickets are available in each class. This gives better trip customization ability. The agent can build a multi-flight trip according to specific per flight requirements, whereas most booking algorithms standardize these choices.

Cheaper flight tickets

Airline consolidators have access to seats sold in bulk by the airlines. The airlines get guaranteed ticket sales and revenues, though to do so they sell these tickets at a substantial discount.  By approaching the airline consolidator, flight booking agents can often get hold of tickets at highly competitive prices. These prices are below those on flight comparison sites and even from the airlines direct.

Imagine offering access to these hidden ticket prices – that’s a compelling reason for customers to book through your affiliate program. When they do this, you get the benefit of upselling other goods and services through your affiliates programs (hotels, car hire, etc.)

Greater choice

Flight booking agents give your clients more choice. Access to more tickets from more airlines, and stopover options on multi-flight trips. Your customer can then match these with cheap accommodation options.

Reservation advantages

You may be able to offer reservation options not available through completely automated programs. For example, how about a facility for customers to book a flight for 24 hours without paying? This lets customers book flight tickets when they expect to travel but are yet to have details conformed (a great selling point for corporate travelers).

When a customer reserves a flight normally and wishes to cancel, there’s a whole cancellation process to work through. Not so if the booking is made using a no-payment reservation – simply cancel with the flight ticket agent. No fees to pay, and no difficult processes of chasing credit card companies and bank accounts for refund details.

Offer customers better protection

Flight ticket booking agents can also offer protection for travelers that generally isn’t available when the customers book flights themselves. If a flight is missed because of an earlier flight delay, the missed flight might not be covered when the bookings have been made separately. Flight ticket tickets booked through ticket agents generally come with protection that ensures the customer’s travel plans – and their pockets – are insured against such misfortunate circumstances.

Isn’t it time you made sure your affiliate program benefits from the advantages that flight ticket booking agents can give you? Contact Up and Away today, and you could offer all these benefits and more tomorrow – and that could really transform your affiliate business.

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